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1. Abacus must be externally accessible.

2. Abacus version
      - 2020 as of 15.05.2021 
      - 2021 as of 15.05.2021
      - 2022 as of 15.02.2022
We recommend that you work with the latest service pack. 

3. Administrator access or a user with supervisor rights to run the "Q908 DeepCloud Administration" program.

4. At least one of these licenses: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, FIBU (more coming soon). 

5. BPE (Business Process Engine) licensed and a user with BPE rights. *The required BPE user can also be a SaaS user.
 SaaS users are authorised to start a central BPE process.
As of version 2022 15.11.2023, 2023 15.05.2023, a predefined SystemUser is available as a trigger.

6. Data Automation (from 15.02.2022 for versions 2020, 2021 and 2022 this is no longer required).

7. The DeepBox account must be fully verified.


In this document you will find the checklist as PDF.

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