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DeepFlow can be used to define rules that can be applied to documents from the Inbox. In order to use DeepFlow, the function must be activated.

For a low, you must define when the rule is to be applied.
There are three options for this. Application with:

-   Inbox receipt (after analysis)
-   Accept & Process
-   Reject & Delete

Conditions can be defined for the creation of a flow. At least one condition, all conditions or no condition (will always be executed) must be fulfilled.
For example, a condition may look like this: Document number | starts with | 004

If the conditions have been met, a defined action will be executed. For example, tags and/or field values are then set or documents are accepted and processed, etc.

Examples / UseCases
Automated, clear filing
Flows can be used to automatically set tags per supplier or for each accounting year. By setting tags, documents are found faster and easier.

Fully automated document processing
In order to import documents directly into Abacus after analysis, a corresponding flow can be set up with the action "Accept & Process".
By setting conditions, it is possible to define that e.g. receipts with a total of more than 100 CHF may not be processed directly.

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