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Before DeepSign can be used for qualified electronic signatures  using QES, the legal requirements (European eIDAS and Swiss ZertES) demand the unique identification of the person.

The following services are available for identification:

Identification with DeepID is shown here.

Mobile ID
You can be identified for QES at the following locations in Switzerland. You can be identified for QES at the following locations in Switzerland. Before visiting a Swisscom shop, it is necessary to activate and test Mobile ID either directly on the SIM card or via app  (more information here). As part of the identification process, your identity is linked to your mobile phone number.
To complete the identification process and activate the authorisation to sign using QES, you will automatically receive an SMS with a link to the terms of use of Swisscom's Signing Service. The QES can only be used in DeepSign once the conditions have been accepted and confirmed.

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